Victims & Villains

Hello to all of you Beautiful, Silly, but never Terrible fans out there!

While at the Baltimore Comic Con recently, the great folks from Victims & Villains podcast came by our table and interviewed us for an episode! Victims & Villains is dedicated to not only covering pop-culture and comic books, but even more importantly, they’re dedicated to reaching out and helping people with resources and support who deal with mental illnesses or are struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Here’s a link to their website’s resources section. If you are struggling with any of those issues, please check it out or reach out to someone.

And here’s where you can listen to their episode dedicated to so many of the amazing and talented indie comic book artists that were at the 2018 Baltimore Comic Con!

The Victims & Villains Site



And now here’s a list of those other great indie comic book stars that you’ll hear in the episode!

Ariele Sieling

Cyko KO

Heritage Comics HSQ

Kevin Coolidge

K S Brenowitz

Mindy Indy

Nate Getz

Olivia Berrier

Orlando Caicedo

Panda Force¬†(Sean Causley, the creator of Panda Force, was one of our neighbors at Baltimore Comic Con 2018, and so we can personally say, he’s a heck of a nice guy and has such a fun all-ages book!)

Pat Shand

Potential Comics

Rose Arenas

Spaghetti Kiss

Tainted Love Comic

The Comic Age

Tony Calandra

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