It’s Been a Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Year

Hello to all of you Beautiful, Silly, but never Terrible people!

2018 has been a powerful year. That’s the best way I think that we can describe it.

Back in 2014 when we first created Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things, the name was chosen because that’s how we see what life consists of, moments of beauty, silliness, and terror.

This year has been exemplary in all categories. We hit the convention road in exponentially greater fashion than we’d ever done before. We met more of you than in all years prior combined, and we enjoyed it so much! Next year will not see quite as much exposure, but that’s just because of life and not anything to do with what we wish it could be like.

But it’s been a year of setbacks on a horrible scale, too. We’re a small band of creators. Since we began, our number at this point is still about only 15 people. For an indy comic book company, that’s actually quite a bit, but still … in 2018, 3 of our number lost our parents. That seems unfathomable to my mind, that a full fifth of us, 20% of such a small starting number, would lose someone that close to us in one calendar year. That doesn’t even count hospitalizations and other nasty little life events.

Still, I cannot bring myself to curse this year as I’ve done with previous ones. This year brought such joy and accomplishments in addition to the grief. Even so, it has taken its toll. Specifically, The Black Gate # 2 is not going to make its official release prior to the end of 2018 as we’d hoped, planned, and tried so diligently to accomplish. We are sorry for this, but know that it’s in the can and coming as soon as possible (hopefully January of 2019).

In the meantime, be kind to yourselves and to one another. Enjoy the Beautiful, laugh at the Silly, and stand or sit with those who endure the Terrible.

All love,


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