Heroes Con 2019, Day 2

1 new book …

2 new books …

3 NEW BOOKS, Ah, ah, ah!

That’s right, we have three new books at this year’s Heroes Con! Two of them have made their debut just yesterday!

Come by Artist Alley Tables 2109 & 2110 to get your very own copy, and while you’re there, get them signed by some of the creators of each book, like T. E. Lawrence & Lee Horton!

What will be the fates of Bechte & Elsabeth? Find out in the stunning conclusion of The Black Gate!

What’s going on in Franken County? Especially the Sheriff & Deputy? Get a taste of what’s to come in Payne & Graves, the Special Preview Edition!

And be sure to check out the latest issue, our fourth, of our flagship anthology series, Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things, where a new story arc begins that was originally slated to have begun in Issue # 2. “Forget-Me-Not” promises to be one of the most terrifying stories we’ve ever told. Also included is the self-contained “Nostalgia”, a tale of how deceptive our own memories can be.

Plus our already established rich library of genre & creator spanning stories! There’s something for everyone at Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things!

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