Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things # 4 arrives on comiXology!

Cover for BSaTT 4 - Lettered

Our fourth issue of our flagship anthology title arrives on comiXology today for the low-low price of $0.99! Don’t let the issue number fool you, even though it’s our fourth issue, both stories are brand new, ground level ones. “Nostalgia” is a stand-alone story that tells the tale of a vampire on his way to his new home, reminiscing about his historic life, with art by the inimitable Travis Perkins! “Forget-Me-Not” is the beginning of a story that will continue in future issues and is our love-letter to horror films, especially the slasher variety. With it, we see the return of Willie Tarkington to our pages as well as the debut of T.E. Lawrence! That’s right, one story with two artists! Be sure to get your digital copy today by clicking right here: BSaTT # 4

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