Coming Soon …

A few months ago, we here at BSaTT passed our fifth anniversary, and coming soon, we will have the fifth issue of our flagship anthology series. In honor of that and as a thank you to all of you Beautiful, Silly, but never Terrible fans, we will be having five, that’s right FIVE, different covers for that issue!

That’s good news in these dark times, and as such, here’s a little glimpse of that bright light …

Vette the Valkyrie - Color - Isaac Bergmann

BSaTT faithful will recognize the above as Vette, in both her human and Valkyrie forms, from “Borne Upon Her Wings” in our very first issue. This beautiful art is by one of our new friends and colleagues Isaac Bergmann! You can find him at:

Instagram: @ikemann5000
Tumblr: @i-berg94
Twitter:  @ikemann50001

And if you’ve been around our convention table or just been by our website recently, you’d already seen some of the other images that will be covers of Issue # 5, but they’ll wait for their own spotlight.

In the meantime, be sure to show Isaac some love!

Until later, stay safe and healthy friends!

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