BSaTT brings a little Comic Con life to YOU!


Hello to all of you Beautiful, Silly, but never Terrible fans out there!

Recently, a fellow creator and colleague mentioned how they were a little bummed about the convention scene being largely cancelled this year. So much of life has changed these past few months, and so much of the future is questioned.

We’d like to take just a little time, then, to offer a small respite to everyone with the opportunity that fans get when they come by our table at conventions: namely, SALES!

That’s right! We have a surplus stock of many of our physical books that aren’t going on the road this year, so why not offer them here online? Here are some options for those of you who might not yet have tried our products:

The BSaTT Special: Issues 1 – 4 normally retail for $3.00 each, but if you buy this bundle, you’ll get them all for $10.00!

The Trope Special: Trope # 1 retails for $5.00, and separately the limited edition print of Yuki, Director of the B.I.C. by artists Doug Hogan & Shawn McCauley retails for $15.00. But you can get both for the low, low price of $10.00!

The Black Gate Special: Issues # 1 & 2, the complete story, each normally retailing for $3.00 each, you can get them now for $4.00 total!

Last, but certainly not least … THE KITCHEN SINK SPECIAL!!! You’ll get Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things # 1 – 4, The Black Gate # 1 & 2, Trope # 1, AND the limited edition print of Yuki by artists Doug Hogan & Shawn McCauley, ALL for the insane price of $20.00!

But wait, there’s more! Place an order for any of the above specials, and you’ll get the comic books signed by writer / publisher John M. Waller Sewell, and if you order a special that include the limited edition print, it will be signed by artist Doug Hogan! Free of charge (because that’s how we do it at our convention table!)!

Here’s how you do it: Just click here. That will take you to our Contact page. Just send us a message with your name, mailing address, and the email address you use for PayPal. We’ll send you an invoice, you pay us the insanely low price, and the books and/or print will be sent to you right away!

This deal is exclusive to our site, so don’t try getting this from IndyPlanet or comiXology in our Shop page. Also, please take note that the above prices do not include shipping & handling. All orders placed within the continental United States will be shipped for an additional flat $5.00 fee by U.S. Postal Media Mail. If you’d like them shipped quicker, please let us know, and we can get you a quote on the increased shipping cost. International orders are available, but we’ll have to handle those on a case-by-case basis. Ok, disclaimers over!

What are you waiting for? Supplies are limited to the product we have on hand and we’re only going to be offering this sale for a limited time, too, so get yours ordered today!

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