Behind the BSaTT Curtain

Welcome to the first of our new, recurring sections, Behind the BSaTT Curtain, where we share some of the stories behind the stories you read in our comics! Here in our first installment, we’re not shying away from the uglier side of things, either:


It wasn’t the hardest thing I’ve ever written; thus far, that distinction belongs to “The Black Gate # 2”, which is a story for another day. No, today we’re looking ahead to our fifth issue of our anthology.

Yeah, ahead, as in hasn’t even been published yet. The art you’re seeing above, it’s the rough pencils and layout for a double-page spread from one of the stories featured in our upcoming fifth issue, done by comic book artist extraordinaire Josh Hood. For those of you die-hard comic fans, yes, that Josh Hood. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited we all were to be able to work with Josh! We met, talked, and before I knew it, we were working on this story (it’s called “What is Your Emergency?” by the way).

Thing is, this was back in 2018. “What’s the delay?”, you might ask, and rightfully so. This story has generated quite a bit of controversy, well before it’s even available to the public. It’s not even the scene above, though, not really. It’s something far more real. Want to know what it is? Come on back next time for the next installment of Behind the BSaTT Curtain to find out!

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