Going Mute


In what seems a lifetime ago, I believed a lot of nonsense. Getting older feels more and more a sloughing off of misconceptions and bad beliefs to the point that I often think of Don Henley’s line from “The End of the Innocence”: “The more I know, the less I understand, all the things I thought I’d figured out, I have to learn again.”

So please hear me when I say that I don’t write this today to tell anyone that I know the answers, that I have it all figured out. I don’t. I know that I’m slow to react sometimes, and if that is a failing here, then I sincerely apologize. And as a last caveat, I don’t want to spend time giving credence to those that I believe are clearly in the wrong, especially those that troll and tout their bile everywhere. In a previous post, I declined to mention a certain movement in comics; I’m going to exercise that same restraint here.

Then, what am I here to actually convey? Glad you asked! I’m here as the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things and as John M. Waller Sewell, individually, to say unequivocally that BlackLivesMatter. I’m not going to hashtag it, because right now that needs to be used for more pressing circumstances. In the COVID-19 times, we had been making an effort to post more frequently and somewhat regularly. Tuesday has been one of the days I really wanted to repeatedly post. Yesterday was Blackout Tuesday, and so we participated in that instead. This is not to toot our own horn, and in fact, that very conception is one of the reasons why I haven’t posted much while everything has been going on. But silence isn’t a good idea either, and binary thinking is an unnecessary bane in my life.

Here’s what I’d like to ask of you: don’t buy our comics or visit our shop right now (we’re actually taking it down temporarily anyway, so, yeah, serious). Instead, go support a good cause at this time. There’s the Southern Law Poverty Center or your area’s local Bail Relief Fund, as examples. Or if you’re determined for art, here are a few artists that we highly recommend:

Armando Ramirez – his Instagram @armandoramirez_art

Geoffrey K. Gwin – his Instagram @geoffreykgwin

Mike Lancette – his Instagram @mikelancetteart
AND check out his comic, Master of the Edge here: IndyPlanet – Master of the Edge
(Mike, if you read this, man, I’m looking forward to seeing you on the convention
scene again dude!)

Taurin Clarke – his Instagram @muaadib

T.E. Lawrence (not the Lawrence of Arabia one) – his Instagram @t_e_lawrence

Thanks for reading. In conclusion, we here at BSaTT believe in the pursuit of real, true justice that is being sought by the protesters all over the U.S.A., and to that end, we will be joining so many other artists and creators as we go muted through June 7, 2020. Just didn’t want our silence to be misconstrued as a lack of support. We love you! Stay safe, stay healthy, don’t give up, and don’t give in.

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