BSaTT Returning to the Convention Circuit!

Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things is pleased to announce that we will be heading back onto the comic con circuit with this weekend’s coming Atlanta Comic Convention! If you’re in or headed to the ATL this coming weekend, be sure to come by the table and see the team! More details to come later thisContinue reading “BSaTT Returning to the Convention Circuit!”

Give Us the Beautiful and the Silly, but Less of the Terrible, Please

It’s so difficult to convey tone right away in prose, so all I know to do is say it up front, there’s no snark in this post. I’m going to be fully sincere with you, because I think you deserve that and that’s about all I’ve got to go with at this time. 2020 hasContinue reading “Give Us the Beautiful and the Silly, but Less of the Terrible, Please”

Somebody Wake Up Lenny, He’s Up …

Between a compromised immune system, allergies, asthma, and a wildly overprotective mom, I didn’t get out much as a kid. Not saying at all, just not much. Thus, along with a few other factors, I learned to appreciate solitude and an inner, more imaginary world. Comic books were probably my greatest escape. The New TeenContinue reading “Somebody Wake Up Lenny, He’s Up …”

Remembering Denny O’Neil

Growing up in the 1970’s, starting out young, I would thrill to the old 1960’s Batman TV show. I’m pretty sure that Yvonne de Carlo’s Batgirl was my first ever TV crush, just barely before Lynda Carter showed up on Wonder Woman. Around that same time, though, mid to late 1970’s, I was (re)introduced toContinue reading “Remembering Denny O’Neil”