Behind the BSaTT Curtain

Welcome to the first of our new, recurring sections, Behind the BSaTT Curtain, where we share some of the stories behind the stories you read in our comics! Here in our first installment, we’re not shying away from the uglier side of things, either:


It wasn’t the hardest thing I’ve ever written; thus far, that distinction belongs to “The Black Gate # 2”, which is a story for another day. No, today we’re looking ahead to our fifth issue of our anthology.

Yeah, ahead, as in hasn’t even been published yet. The art you’re seeing above, it’s the rough pencils and layout for a double-page spread from one of the stories featured in our upcoming fifth issue, done by comic book artist extraordinaire Josh Hood. For those of you die-hard comic fans, yes, that Josh Hood. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited we all were to be able to work with Josh! We met, talked, and before I knew it, we were working on this story (it’s called “What is Your Emergency?” by the way).

Thing is, this was back in 2018. “What’s the delay?”, you might ask, and rightfully so. This story has generated quite a bit of controversy, well before it’s even available to the public. It’s not even the scene above, though, not really. It’s something far more real. Want to know what it is? Come on back next time for the next installment of Behind the BSaTT Curtain to find out!

Limited Edition Yuki Print by Doug Hogan & Shawn McCauley Now Available!

Yuki print for BSaTT Site

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? We think so! Beloved character Yuki from our silly book “Trope”, the Director of the B.I.C., has just done a terrible thing to someone; thankfully they’re off panel!

Now you can get a limited edition print of this masterpiece by artists Doug Hogan and Shawn McCauley in our Shop department! Just click the link below for more information.

Yes, I want a limited edition Yuki print!

Payne & Graves Profiled by the Pros!

Hello again to all of you Beautiful, Silly, but never Terrible fans out there!

We are delighted to share that Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg of comic book making fame as well as their YouTube channel Cartoonist Kayfabe recently did a profile on Lee Horton’s Payne & Graves # 1!  You can check out their review at the following:

Cartoonist Kayfabe profile Payne & Graves 1

The link should take you right to starting time, but if not, they start discussing the issue around the 9:38 mark. Or, by all means, watch the entire episode! They profile lots of great comic books!

We here at BSaTT are so proud for the success of Lee Horton’s first issue! Be sure to hop over to our Shop page and get a copy of Payne & Graves # 1 for yourself!

Series Logo

Coming Soon …

A few months ago, we here at BSaTT passed our fifth anniversary, and coming soon, we will have the fifth issue of our flagship anthology series. In honor of that and as a thank you to all of you Beautiful, Silly, but never Terrible fans, we will be having five, that’s right FIVE, different covers for that issue!

That’s good news in these dark times, and as such, here’s a little glimpse of that bright light …

Vette the Valkyrie - Color - Isaac Bergmann

BSaTT faithful will recognize the above as Vette, in both her human and Valkyrie forms, from “Borne Upon Her Wings” in our very first issue. This beautiful art is by one of our new friends and colleagues Isaac Bergmann! You can find him at:

Instagram: @ikemann5000
Tumblr: @i-berg94
Twitter:  @ikemann50001

And if you’ve been around our convention table or just been by our website recently, you’d already seen some of the other images that will be covers of Issue # 5, but they’ll wait for their own spotlight.

In the meantime, be sure to show Isaac some love!

Until later, stay safe and healthy friends!

If Only …

Yes, if only some bugs were as easy to fix as internet bugs. We’re looking at you COVID-19!

Hello to all of you Beautiful, Silly, but never Terrible fans out there! We here at BSaTT wanted to take a moment to say that we hope all of you are remaining healthy and safe during this scary time. While you’re spending more time at home, and especially if you are looking for things to do, come on back by our site: We’ve recently fixed a few bugs on the site and added some new content to our Shop!

Best to all of you, and we look forward to seeing you once more when this ordeal is over. Until then, stay healthy, stay safe, and stay sane (ish)!

Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things # 4 arrives on comiXology!

Cover for BSaTT 4 - Lettered

Our fourth issue of our flagship anthology title arrives on comiXology today for the low-low price of $0.99! Don’t let the issue number fool you, even though it’s our fourth issue, both stories are brand new, ground level ones. “Nostalgia” is a stand-alone story that tells the tale of a vampire on his way to his new home, reminiscing about his historic life, with art by the inimitable Travis Perkins! “Forget-Me-Not” is the beginning of a story that will continue in future issues and is our love-letter to horror films, especially the slasher variety. With it, we see the return of Willie Tarkington to our pages as well as the debut of T.E. Lawrence! That’s right, one story with two artists! Be sure to get your digital copy today by clicking right here: BSaTT # 4

Kick off 2020 with Payne & Graves # 1!

Lettered Cover

All of us here at Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things wish you a Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than a year since Baltimore Comic Con 2018 where we got to first meet Lee Horton! At that convention, it was apparent that Lee had a great sense of story pacing as well as a wonderful art style. He also had this standee of a werewolf that got our attention. Hmmmmm, a werewolf you say? The short of it is, we immediately struck a deal to bring his vision to life, and after a year’s worth of work, that day has arrived!

Payne & Graves is a series set in Franken County where all sorts of odd and occult things are going on. Follow Sheriff Graves and his Deputy, Payne, as they keep the community safe from the strange goings on, and also hopefully themselves! Or is that from themselves? Who can you trust in Franken County?

Today, right now, you can get a digital copy of Payne & Graves # 1 on comiXology at:

Payne & Graves # 1 on comiXology

Physical copies will be available, print-on-demand, on IndyPlanet soon (we’ll keep you updated), as well as at convention appearances for Lee & BSaTT in 2020 and beyond!

Once again, Happy New Year to each and all of you Beautiful, Silly, but never Terrible fans out there, and we hope you enjoy this new issue as well as all of our other books (be sure to click on our “Shop” above)!

Heroes Con, the Conclusion

Hi there once again to all of you beautiful, silly, but never terrible folks out there!

Heroes Con 2019 has now come & gone, and on behalf of John, Jodie, Doug, Lee, & T. E., as well as all the talented people of BSaTT that weren’t able to attend this year, we say “Thank you!”

It was a great convention, and we appreciate everyone who came by our tables and tried out our books! If you did get any of our comics, please drop us a line via this site or any of our social media locations (just reference the inside cover or the links here on this website).

Thank you again, so much, and we’ll see you at Dragon*Con (if not sooner)!!!

Team BSaTT