Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things # 4 arrives on comiXology!

Cover for BSaTT 4 - Lettered

Our fourth issue of our flagship anthology title arrives on comiXology today for the low-low price of $0.99! Don’t let the issue number fool you, even though it’s our fourth issue, both stories are brand new, ground level ones. “Nostalgia” is a stand-alone story that tells the tale of a vampire on his way to his new home, reminiscing about his historic life, with art by the inimitable Travis Perkins! “Forget-Me-Not” is the beginning of a story that will continue in future issues and is our love-letter to horror films, especially the slasher variety. With it, we see the return of Willie Tarkington to our pages as well as the debut of T.E. Lawrence! That’s right, one story with two artists! Be sure to get your digital copy today by clicking right here: BSaTT # 4

Kick off 2020 with Payne & Graves # 1!

Lettered Cover

All of us here at Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things wish you a Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than a year since Baltimore Comic Con 2018 where we got to first meet Lee Horton! At that convention, it was apparent that Lee had a great sense of story pacing as well as a wonderful art style. He also had this standee of a werewolf that got our attention. Hmmmmm, a werewolf you say? The short of it is, we immediately struck a deal to bring his vision to life, and after a year’s worth of work, that day has arrived!

Payne & Graves is a series set in Franken County where all sorts of odd and occult things are going on. Follow Sheriff Graves and his Deputy, Payne, as they keep the community safe from the strange goings on, and also hopefully themselves! Or is that from themselves? Who can you trust in Franken County?

Today, right now, you can get a digital copy of Payne & Graves # 1 on comiXology at:

Payne & Graves # 1 on comiXology

Physical copies will be available, print-on-demand, on IndyPlanet soon (we’ll keep you updated), as well as at convention appearances for Lee & BSaTT in 2020 and beyond!

Once again, Happy New Year to each and all of you Beautiful, Silly, but never Terrible fans out there, and we hope you enjoy this new issue as well as all of our other books (be sure to click on our “Shop” above)!

Heroes Con, the Conclusion

Hi there once again to all of you beautiful, silly, but never terrible folks out there!

Heroes Con 2019 has now come & gone, and on behalf of John, Jodie, Doug, Lee, & T. E., as well as all the talented people of BSaTT that weren’t able to attend this year, we say “Thank you!”

It was a great convention, and we appreciate everyone who came by our tables and tried out our books! If you did get any of our comics, please drop us a line via this site or any of our social media locations (just reference the inside cover or the links here on this website).

Thank you again, so much, and we’ll see you at Dragon*Con (if not sooner)!!!

Team BSaTT

Heroes Con 2019, Day 2

1 new book …

2 new books …

3 NEW BOOKS, Ah, ah, ah!

That’s right, we have three new books at this year’s Heroes Con! Two of them have made their debut just yesterday!

Come by Artist Alley Tables 2109 & 2110 to get your very own copy, and while you’re there, get them signed by some of the creators of each book, like T. E. Lawrence & Lee Horton!

What will be the fates of Bechte & Elsabeth? Find out in the stunning conclusion of The Black Gate!

What’s going on in Franken County? Especially the Sheriff & Deputy? Get a taste of what’s to come in Payne & Graves, the Special Preview Edition!

And be sure to check out the latest issue, our fourth, of our flagship anthology series, Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things, where a new story arc begins that was originally slated to have begun in Issue # 2. “Forget-Me-Not” promises to be one of the most terrifying stories we’ve ever told. Also included is the self-contained “Nostalgia”, a tale of how deceptive our own memories can be.

Plus our already established rich library of genre & creator spanning stories! There’s something for everyone at Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things!

Heroes Con 2019!

Welcome to Charlotte, North Carolina! The Queen City! Woooooooo!!!

If you’re at Heroes Con this year, be sure to stop by Tables 2109 & 2110 to meet some of our newest talents on some of our newest books! We have ten, count ’em TEN different books this year, with three of them new since last year’s Heroes Con!

Plus you’ll get to meet new talents to the fold, T.E. Lawrence & Lee Horton, as well as our standard favorites of Doug Hogan & John M. Waller Sewell!

There’s a lot going on this year, and with the specials we have going on, you won’t want to miss out!

See you at #HeroesCon starting tomorrow!

Coming Soon!

Back in Baltimore of last year, we had the distinct privilege of being neighbors with Lee Horton. After a few months of working together, we here at Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things are proud to announce that we will be releasing the first issue of Lee’s book Payne & Graves later this year! For those of you impatient types, we will also be carrying a special preview edition of the first several pages of the story as well as some behind-the-scenes details at our convention tables, so be sure to keep an eye out for us!

And for those truly impatient sort, here’s a look at that special preview edition’s cover!

Preview Edition Cover

See you soon on the convention scene!!!