Heroes Con 2019, Day 2

1 new book …

2 new books …

3 NEW BOOKS, Ah, ah, ah!

That’s right, we have three new books at this year’s Heroes Con! Two of them have made their debut just yesterday!

Come by Artist Alley Tables 2109 & 2110 to get your very own copy, and while you’re there, get them signed by some of the creators of each book, like T. E. Lawrence & Lee Horton!

What will be the fates of Bechte & Elsabeth? Find out in the stunning conclusion of The Black Gate!

What’s going on in Franken County? Especially the Sheriff & Deputy? Get a taste of what’s to come in Payne & Graves, the Special Preview Edition!

And be sure to check out the latest issue, our fourth, of our flagship anthology series, Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things, where a new story arc begins that was originally slated to have begun in Issue # 2. “Forget-Me-Not” promises to be one of the most terrifying stories we’ve ever told. Also included is the self-contained “Nostalgia”, a tale of how deceptive our own memories can be.

Plus our already established rich library of genre & creator spanning stories! There’s something for everyone at Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things!

Heroes Con 2019!

Welcome to Charlotte, North Carolina! The Queen City! Woooooooo!!!

If you’re at Heroes Con this year, be sure to stop by Tables 2109 & 2110 to meet some of our newest talents on some of our newest books! We have ten, count ’em TEN different books this year, with three of them new since last year’s Heroes Con!

Plus you’ll get to meet new talents to the fold, T.E. Lawrence & Lee Horton, as well as our standard favorites of Doug Hogan & John M. Waller Sewell!

There’s a lot going on this year, and with the specials we have going on, you won’t want to miss out!

See you at #HeroesCon starting tomorrow!

Coming Soon!

Back in Baltimore of last year, we had the distinct privilege of being neighbors with Lee Horton. After a few months of working together, we here at Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things are proud to announce that we will be releasing the first issue of Lee’s book Payne & Graves later this year! For those of you impatient types, we will also be carrying a special preview edition of the first several pages of the story as well as some behind-the-scenes details at our convention tables, so be sure to keep an eye out for us!

And for those truly impatient sort, here’s a look at that special preview edition’s cover!

Preview Edition Cover

See you soon on the convention scene!!!

Repeats and New Conclusions

Women, personally and collectively, are devalued and treated as chattel.

People are not merely disregarded but find themselves in genuine jeopardy because of the color of their skin, their gender, their ideology, or anything that might make them different than the decreed norm.

Civilization and culture are driven by crusty old white men, and organized religion wields power on an immeasurable scale, all the while both groups act as if they are the ones who have been victimized.

Am I writing about our society of today? Well, if the shoe fits, right?

Still, as we’re told so often, history has a way of repeating itself. The above is also the setting of The Black Gate, a historical fiction piece set during the witch trials of Europe back in the mid to late 1500’s. Today marks the digital release of the conclusion to our story with The Black Gate # 2 arriving on Comixology! Pick up your digital copy today by clicking the link below and buying it for only $0.99! And if you haven’t already gotten Issue # 1, it’s there too!

Buy The Black Gate # 2 at Comixology!

BG2 Cover

And be sure to come back by our site and let us know what you think as well as for future notices of when and where you can get this issue in print!

Johnny Bats, Vampire Dick # 1 debuts on Comixology!

jbvd 1 cover

Get in the ground floor of one of our biggest hits! Issue # 1 collects the 8-page premiere of Johnny Bats and his world of The Noir District and Nueva Vida from Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things # 2 as well as the entirety of Issue # 3! Johnny Bats, Vampire Dick was the story from our second issue of our anthology series that YOU, our readers, selected to be continued first. This issue collects all of Johnny’s exploits to-date and gets you ready for the new adventures to come.

Available for the first time on Comixology today, January 9, 2019, hop on board and see what all the buzz is about!

Click here to get your digital copy today!

Helping Disabled Artists

Khaos Art Image

In mid-2018, Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things had a table at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida, where we had one of the best overall crowd of neighboring exhibitors! One of those fantastic neighbors was a table for Khaos Art, run by George and Pam Taylor. The Taylors operate Khaos Art to help showcase, promote, and sell the art of artists with mental disabilities. These are artists who have incredible talent, but because of their disability, they are unable to handle the crowds that a convention circuit necessitates. Often times, these artists were not even able to obtain their own art supplies. Their creative spark, however, compelled them to create anyway, and so they would often create artwork with whatever rudimentary materials they could find, including dampened coffee grounds as paint and pen caps instead of brushes.

We had a chance to see some of these original art pieces made from these materials, and they were truly astonishing! Since the Taylors have begun helping these artists, though, they now have access to paints, brushes, canvas, etc., and they are reaching a much broader audience. When an original piece is purchased, it’s not unusual for the artist to write a letter to the patron as a thank you. In this Beautiful, Silly, & sometimes Terrible reality, the mission of Khaos Art is truly one of the Beautiful Things!

During these holidays, we know that money can be tight, but if you would, please consider helping out this worthwhile cause. The Taylors currently have a Go Fund Me running, and here’s a link to get you to their page:

GoFundMe to Help Disabled Artists

Thanks so much, and have a wonderful New Year!

It’s Been a Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Year

Hello to all of you Beautiful, Silly, but never Terrible people!

2018 has been a powerful year. That’s the best way I think that we can describe it.

Back in 2014 when we first created Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things, the name was chosen because that’s how we see what life consists of, moments of beauty, silliness, and terror.

This year has been exemplary in all categories. We hit the convention road in exponentially greater fashion than we’d ever done before. We met more of you than in all years prior combined, and we enjoyed it so much! Next year will not see quite as much exposure, but that’s just because of life and not anything to do with what we wish it could be like.

But it’s been a year of setbacks on a horrible scale, too. We’re a small band of creators. Since we began, our number at this point is still about only 15 people. For an indy comic book company, that’s actually quite a bit, but still … in 2018, 3 of our number lost our parents. That seems unfathomable to my mind, that a full fifth of us, 20% of such a small starting number, would lose someone that close to us in one calendar year. That doesn’t even count hospitalizations and other nasty little life events.

Still, I cannot bring myself to curse this year as I’ve done with previous ones. This year brought such joy and accomplishments in addition to the grief. Even so, it has taken its toll. Specifically, The Black Gate # 2 is not going to make its official release prior to the end of 2018 as we’d hoped, planned, and tried so diligently to accomplish. We are sorry for this, but know that it’s in the can and coming as soon as possible (hopefully January of 2019).

In the meantime, be kind to yourselves and to one another. Enjoy the Beautiful, laugh at the Silly, and stand or sit with those who endure the Terrible.

All love,



To begin, we here at Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things would like to say thank you to all of you whom we’ve met or seen again out on the convention road this 2018! It has been a busy year to be sure, but what a fun ride! We’re not stopping with this, though.

As we’ve been hyping, The Black Gate # 2 has just been sent off to the printer and Comixology, so be on the lookout for the conclusion to our dark historical fiction piece to arrive. For now we hope that this image of the cover will suffice to keep you whistles wet!

BG2 Cover

Speaking of hyped, Forget-Me-Not will begin in our flagship anthology book, Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things # 4 in 2019! This is a story that is so big, so terrifying, that it requires TWO different artists on the same story! We’re excited to have Willie Tarkington back with us! As you may recall, Willie did the artistic chores for Munchies way back in our first issue. In addition, we’re also equally excited to see the debut of a new and amazing artistic talent in T.E. Lawrence!

That’s not all, though. We are already in development for Issue # 5 as well, and we’ve got one of the biggest names in the independent comics scene on-board to join us in that issue! No spoilers yet, but we’re tremendously excited to be working with this person, and we believe that you’re going to be ecstatic when you see who it is!

We’ll be back soon with the release information for The Black Gate # 2, and maybe even a sneak peek of some of the interior pages for free exclusively here on our site, but before we call this one as done, there’s one more piece of hype that we need to address …

He was the most amazing, spectacular, incredible, fantastic, sensational, and astonishing hype-man that the comics medium has ever had! He was an outstanding creator, a game-changing writer, and the absolute best ambassador for our medium that there ever could be. Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things offers our sincerest condolences to the family, the friends, and all the millions of fans for the passing of Stan “The Man” Lee.  Excelsior!

‘Nuff said.