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Yuki print for BSaTT Site

Artists Doug Hogan and Shawn McCauley collaborated on this amazing rendition of Yuki, the Director of the B.I.C. from the pages of Trope! We’ve made a limited number of prints available, so make sure you get yours for the unbelievably low price of $15.00 now by clicking the link below to send us a message. Be sure to include your PayPal email address, your name, and your mailing address. Shipping and handling are included in the price (for U.S. and Canada, other international shipping may incur an additional charge).

Yes, I want a limited edition Yuki print!

BSATT 1 Cover Lettered V2

Our premiere issue of our flagship title! Three stand-alone stories, each showcasing a different artist and a different genre of story. Stand in awe of the beauty of Scheherazade! Shed a tear for the terrible romance of Borne Upon Her Wings! And try not to laugh at the silly Munchies! Remastered in 2018 for an even better reading experience!

Available for sale here:   IndyPlanet

BSaTT 2 Cover

With our second issue, we once again wanted to showcase three separate and distinct stories. This time, however, each of our stories ends on a to-be-continued beat. Readers were given the opportunity to vote on which story they wanted to see continued first. This is the issue with the very first appearances of: Johnny Bats, Vampire Dick and the City-State of Nueva Vida as well as Trope, Jack, Yuki, the B.I.C., and the Tarot Society! All in one handy issue!

Available for sale here:   IndyPlanet

BSaTT 3 Cover

Our readers voted from Issue # 2’s three separate stories, and the results were overwhelming! In Issue # 3 of Beautiful, Silly, and Terrible Things, our first ever issue wholly devoted to one story, find out even more about the City-State of Nueva Vida and the vampiric gumshoe known as Johnny Bats, Vampire Dick!

Available for sale here:   IndyPlanet

Cover for BSaTT 4 - Lettered

With the fourth issue of our flagship anthology title, we establish a new status quo for this series. Still devoted to the anthology format, we combine the “to be continued” and the one-shot stories. Each issue of BSaTT going forward will have one story that begins or continues an ongoing limited story, and it will also include a one-and-done story. As with our very first issue, these stories may or may not tie in with other existing stories we publish. In this specific issue, we begin the limited ongoing story titled “Forget-Me-Not”, our love letter to horror, especially the slasher genre. This story features both the return of Willie Tarkington from our first issue AND the debut of T. E. Lawrence. That’s right, two different artists with different styles on the same story! Additionally, you can see Travis Perkins’ artistic return to the BSaTT pages with a one-shot titled “Nostalgia”.

Available for sale here:   IndyPlanet

jbvd 1 cover

You say you want the whole story thus far in one handy jumping-on-point? We’ve got you covered friend! Just grab a copy of Johnny Bats, Vampire Dick # 1 and get both the 8-page story from Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things # 2 as well as the entire 22-page story from Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things # 3! That’s 30 pages of blood-sucking, film-noir mystery and vampiric puns!

Available for sale here:   IndyPlanet

Lettered Cover

With Payne & Graves, BSaTT has branched out to include a new writer as well as new artist for the first time! We are pleased to carry the artistic and storytelling debut of Lee Horton! In Franken County, there’s a lot of unusual goings on that need attending. Enter Sheriff Graves and his Deputy, Payne. These are not your average lawmen, which is good considering all the weirdness happening! Get in on the ground floor for a southern-fried supernatural thrill-ride!

Available here:     IndyPlanet

Black Gate Cover

Pray for the witches.

Set amidst the turbulent 1580’s of the Holy Roman Empire, The Black Gate tells the story of two women trying their best to survive as the Church is burning people at the stake.

Fiction and non-fiction intersect as numerous real-life people interact with the leading ladies as well as with seven devils in this historical fiction tale that explores the nature of evil.

First of two issues.

Available for sale here:   IndyPlanet

BG2 Cover - Re-Revised

The stunning conclusion to our 2-part historic fiction piece! Will Bechte and Elsabeth manage to survive and rescue Hans? Do not miss this beautifully drawn epic!

Available for sale here:   IndyPlanet

Trope # 1

What would possess an interdimensional serial killer to save someone’s life? That’s exactly what the man named Trope wants to know.

Set in a storied multiverse (or “storyverse”), follow Trope as he tries to not only find answers about his survival, but also as he meets Yuki, and Agent of the Bureau on Imaginary Characters.

Behold the hilarity as all sorts of pop-culture is lovingly skewered in this comedic parody / mystery / adventure / romance comic!

It’s funny!

It’s exciting!

It’s Trope!

First in an ongoing series.
(Note: This issue includes the original 8-page story from Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things # 2, but now in color!)

Available for sale here:   IndyPlanet

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