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BSaTT 2 Cover

With our second issue, we once again wanted to showcase three separate and distinct stories. This time, however, each of our stories ends on a to-be-continued beat. Readers were given the opportunity to vote on which story they wanted to see continued first. This is the issue with the very first appearances of: Johnny Bats, Vampire Dick and the City-State of Nueva Vida as well as Trope, Jack, Yuki, the B.I.C., and the Tarot Society! All in one handy issue!

Available for sale here: Digitally via Comixology

and here: Print-on-Demand via IndyPlanet

BSaTT 3 Cover

Our readers voted from Issue # 2’s three separate stories, and the results were overwhelming! In Issue # 3 of Beautiful, Silly, and Terrible Things, our first ever issue wholly devoted to one story, find out even more about the City-State of Nueva Vida and the vampiric gumshoe known as Johnny Bats, Vampire Dick!

Available for sale here: Digital via Comixology

and here: Print-on-Demand via IndyPlanet

Black Gate Cover
The Black Gate # 1

Pray for the witches.

Set amidst the turbulent 1580’s of the Holy Roman Empire, The Black Gate tells the story of two women trying their best to survive as the Church is burning people at the stake.

Fiction and non-fiction intersect as numerous real-life people interact with the leading ladies as well as with seven devils in this historical fiction tale that explores the nature of evil.

First of two issues.

Available for sale here:   Digital via Comixology

and here:  Print-on-Demand via IndyPlanet


Trope # 1

What would possess an interdimensional serial killer to save someone’s life? That’s exactly what the man named Trope wants to know.

Set in a storied multiverse (or “storyverse”), follow Trope as he tries to not only find answers about his survival, but also as he meets Yuki, and Agent of the Bureau on Imaginary Characters.

Behold the hilarity as all sorts of pop-culture is lovingly skewered in this comedic parody / mystery / adventure / romance comic!

It’s funny!

It’s exciting!

It’s Trope!

First in an ongoing series.
(Note: This issue includes the original 8-page story from Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things # 2, but now in color!)

Available for sale here:   Digital via Comixology

And here:   Print-on-Demand via IndyPlanet


What’s that? You’re asking where’s Issue # 1 of Beautiful, Silly, and Terrible Things? We’re currently remastering it for re-release.  We’ve learned a few things since our beginnings in 2014, and we want to make sure we provide the best all-around quality presentation for the stories we create. So, never fear our beautiful and silly but never terrible fans! Issue # 1 is coming back soon, better than ever! Until then, by all means, feel free to avail yourself of any of our other books above. Issue # 1 had three self-contained stories in it, none of which are directly connected to any of the other stories (so far at least … bum-bum-bummmmm!), so get to enjoying all the Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things available to you right now!

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